July 24 - Eyer for Boomi Campaign

Limited, once in a lifetime campaign : free use for corporate Boomi users through April 2025. First come - first serve.

Headless, AI-powered observability and AIOps platform

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Automated Observability

Eyer automatically identifies abnormal behavior in real time from time series data customers ingest. 

Actionable insight to take (automated) action

Eyer provides actionable insights through OpenAPIs allowing you to take manual or automated actions to resolve identified issues.  

Cloud hosted and headless

Through Open APIs customers feed Eyer with performance data from any system and expose actionable insights into 3rd party tools of their choice such as Grafana, Boomi, Power BI and orchestration tools. Data ingestion can be done through open source metrics agents like Influx Telegraf and Prometheus.

Fast time to value

The flexible data ingestion, the automated anomaly detection and integration to orchestration tools allows for a quick time to value for customers. Customers realize value from automation of manual tasks and gaining actionable insights that improves efficiency in IT Operation and increases systems availability.

Our Features

Explore the powerful features of Eyer

  • New

    Integration with Boomi

    AI based observability and AIOps for Boomi using Influx Telegraf and the Eyer Boomi partner connector. Use the Eyer partner connector in the Boomi platform to get notified of issues and take actions with recipes or design your own flows.

  • New

    Integration with Grafana

    Use Grafana to build dashboard to display actionable insights from Eyer. Enable the default Eyer dashboard and build custom dashboards for your organizations stakeholder needs.

  • Integration with BizTalk

    With Eyer for BizTalk you get AI powered observability for BizTalk and related technologies. Used by some of the largest organizations in the world to gain deep insight to keep control of your BizTalk.

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  • Automated Anomaly Detection & AIOps

    The Eyer anomaly detection use proprietary time series algorithms with dependency mapping based on our correlation engine. The insight allows taking manual or automated action to resolve issues and increase uptime and availabililty.

  • Coming

    Integration with Influx Telegraf

    Eyer supports the Influx Telegraf open source metrics agents which support 300+ technologies to capture metrics.

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  • Coming

    Open APIs

    Easily integrate and support different technologies through standard Open APIs for ingress and egress.

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Learn & Get Inspired

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Learn about the Eyer algorithms15 - 30 min read

Learn how and why we develop our algorithms the way we do - to optimize for the balance of accuracy, performance and economics.

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Installing and configuring Eyer for Boomi20 min read

More about installing the Influx Telegraf agent for Boomi, getting your Eyer credentials and configuring the Eyer partner connector in Boomi.


Eyer content on Dev.to14 min read

Learn more about Eyer, Anomaly Detection and our integrations on the developer community platform Dev.to

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