Eyer is an AI-powered observability platform made to easily integrate into your existing tech ecosystems.

Eyer is a highly flexible and automated AI-powered observability and AIOps platform that easily integrates into your existing technology landscape through APIs.

Eyer automatically identifies abnormal behavior in real time from time series data customers ingest. Eyer is cloud hosted and headless.

Through Open APIs customers feed EYER with performance data from any system and expose actionable insights into 3rd party tools of their choice such as Grafana, Boomi, Power BI and orchestration tools.

Data ingestion can be done through open source metrics agents like Influx Telegraf and Prometheus.

The flexible data ingest, with the automated anomaly detection and integration to orchestration tools allows for a quick time to value for customers looking to automate and improve efficiency in IT Operations and system availability.

Meet the Team

The Eyer Team - a highly experienced team in the domains of B2B Saas, Enterprise IT, Integration, Anomaly Detection and Artificial Intelligence in IT Operations (AIOps).

  • Ivar sagemo
    Ivar Sagemo
    Founder & CEO

    Ivar holds the resposibility for strategy, funding and anything not picked up by anyone else in the team.

  • Marius Wergeland Storsten
    Marius Wergeland Storsten
    Founder & CPO

    Marius owns the customer value delivery for the Eyer Platform and integrations.

  • Tigran Martirosyan
    Tigran Martirosyan
    Founder & Chief Architect

    Tigran is responsible for development deliveries, architecture and platform operational availability.

  • Alessandra Cagnazzo
    Alessandra Cagnazzo
    Founder & Chief Data Scientist

    Alessandra owns the Eyer algorithms with focus on balancing accuracy and execution performance. 

Eyer AS
Transistorfaret 24
1396 Billingstad

Norwegian business registration no: 932 437 252