The Boomi community you didn't know you needed

published on 01 May 2024

Throughout history, communities have played core roles in human progress. From large entities like nations to smaller units like the nuclear family, they provide a sense of belonging, support, and encouragement. They also drive positive change on a global scale. The Eyer for Boomi community is no exception.

This community goes beyond just fostering camaraderie. It empowers Boomi developers by enabling them to collaborate, share knowledge, and overcome challenges together. Ultimately, this collaborative environment pushes the boundaries of what's possible with Boomi integrations.

This article explores what Eyer for Boomi is and how being a part of its community can significantly enhance your experience as a Boomi developer.

What is Eyer for Boomi?

Eyer for Boomi is an AI-powered observability platform that delivers actionable insights for your Boomi integrations.

With the Eyer connector, you can seamlessly introduce AI-powered visibility into your Boomi processes and receive early notifications on crucial performance metrics like throughput, latency, and other runtime processing indicators.

Moreover, you can take proactive measures—either manual or automated—based on the status of your metrics to prevent performance degradation or, worse, total system shutdown.

Now, acknowledging the value that the Eyer connector already provides to the Boomi ecosystem, let’s understand how the Eyer for Boomi community can elevate that value and experience even further.

Why do you need the Eyer for Boomi community?

Driven by the need to serve the Boomi ecosystem, the good people at Eyer have decided to launch the Eyer for Boomi community, and this community is important for many reasons, some of which are:

Learning and Development

As a member of the Eyer for Boomi community, you gain access to a network of Boomi developer experts and peers, creating a space for knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

Share best practices, discover efficient ways to work within the Boomi ecosystem, and stay up-to-date with the latest Boomi features and functionalities.

You can access educational resources, tutorials, and live events hosted by the community.

Subsequently, you can use the community's support to gather attention for informative Boomi content or events you decide to put out. 

Problem-solving and Support

A by-product of being in the network of experienced Boomi developers is the ability to get help when you get stuck on your integration problems.

With a platform like Discord, you can hold these communities close to your heart. You can also get quicker answers to your questions and solutions to common integration challenges.

Additionally, you can collaborate with community members and troubleshoot less common issues within the Eyer for Boomi community.

Innovation and Inspiration

Another advantage of being a part of communities is learning from other people’s mistakes and success stories. 

The Eyer for Boomi community is no different. Leverage the experiences of Boomi developer experts to discover how to tackle complex integrations and get inspired to try new approaches in your own projects.

This article has established the advantages of joining a Boomi developer community. Now, let's explore why the Eyer for Boomi community would be a particularly good fit for you.

Why the Eyer for Boomi community?

In addition to providing you with a network of Boomi developer experts and peers, the Eyer for Boomi developer community offers much more. Some of these benefits include:

Recognition and Rewards

Are you tired of offering value in private? In the Eyer for Boomi developer community, you get the recognition you deserve. 

You get spotlighted and recognized for your contributions to the community. You can earn points and become a community influencer and leader.

This recognition comes through public acknowledgment on social media pages, community blogs, community events, and sometimes incentives like swags and license discounts.

Early access to new features from the Eyer

The Eyer for Boomi developer community members receive exclusive access to updates on new features, enhancements, and releases from both Eyer and Boomi.  You will be among the first to know whether it's a new connector or a platform improvement.

Additionally, community members often get the opportunity to participate in beta programs for upcoming features for Eyer's new releases. This hands-on experience allows you to explore new capabilities before they are widely available, providing valuable insights and shaping the future direction of the Eyer connector.

Additionally, the Eyer for Boomi developer community provides direct communication channels with product experts and developers from both Eyer and Boomi; you'll have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions about new features and updates.

Summing up

The Eyer for Boomi developer community proves that magic can happen when a group of people gather for the same cause with the same passion.

It is an ecosystem designed solely to empower you as a Boomi user. Whether you are a seasoned Boomi developer or just starting out your journey, this Eyer for Boomi community offers invaluable resources and support to help you effectively achieve your Boomi integration goals.

Join the Eyer for Boomi Discord channel to be a part of this community today!

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